Did you know sciatic pain can be remedied naturally

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I was treating a patient last week who had gnarly sciatic pain. I know this pain all too well, both personally and professionally. It can feel like little annoying knives being stabbed into your glutes and carving down your leg 24/7. Yes, it is a real pain in the buttocks, literally!

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In about 2007 I was training Mixed Martial Arts intensely. I had an invite on to the UFC reality show. Just before it was time for this to happen, I herniated a disc and tore a hip labrum. I was incapacitated as far as serious training goes for over 4 years. I did recover through the work I offer in my practice. I probably could have recovered much sooner had I understood the process better as I do now.

Once I started the course of treatment, the pain vanished in about 50 days and never returned, it’s been 11 years now.

I later studied sciatica, in depth, in my doctoral program. One of the two major papers I wrote on the subject, I received a high A+ grade. I guess I was passionate about the subject. My personal experience was not a curse but a gift in strange wrapping paper as I now know how to deal with sciatica at a whole new level and I can share it with you all!

One interesting thing I found in my research was, in a solid study, it showed over 1 million cases of sciatica are misdiagnosed per year even when using an MRI. (Filler, 2005) The MRI may show a disc herniation but the actual cause of pain was ‘piriformis syndrome’ or a tight piriformis muscle (aka the mischief maker) compressing the sciatic nerve.

There is a specific sequence of stretches that can unlock the piriformis and then follow-up with electro acupuncture. Most stretches I have seen that claim to lengthen the piriformis actually do not. Sciatica, as most injuries, are based in stress reactivity.

Whether the cause of the pain is the piriformis or a disc, the body can heal itself in many cases.

Using AI Stretching and Electro-Acupuncture is like putting ‘chocolate into the peanut butter’ for sciatica.

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Dr. Kelly

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